Men, Women and Children, Come One, Come All to
Front Sight Firearms Training

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has been featured in newspapers and magazines the world over. Understandably so, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the world's first gun town. A luxury residential community centered on 20 state-of-the-art 24-hour firing ranges and 12,000 square foot martial arts gymnasium, Front Sight is something the world has never seen before. The report and interviews in the Las Vegas Review Journal cuts a fair average for what these periodicals have to say:

"It's a unique and very exciting idea for people who support the right to bear arms," said Alan Korwin, a co-owner of the California Gun Owner's Guide, a book documenting gun laws.

"It's a kick," said Ann Morello, a school secretary from Reno, who at the urging of her husband, Rick, decided to spend a part of her school spring break firing an Uzi at Front Sight. "I didn't feel intimidated at all," she said.

"There's absolutely no reason a citizen shouldn't be able to do this," said Uzi student and Los Angeles resident Manny Fernandez.

Successes like this abound, but not only from the students. The instructors are equally thrilled by Front Sight's firearms training program and gun training results.

"I was in the Marine Corps for over 20 years, serving in infantry units or at formal schools, and I was also a Primary Marksmanship Instructor and that experience did not prepare me for what I learned at Front Sight's Instructor Development course. After attending the Instructor Development course, I knew that I truly did not know that I did not know. I came on board as a Line Coach in the Submachine Gun program and tried to learn everything about Front Sight's curriculum. I attended Ongoing Instructor Development training to improve my skills and was promoted to Instructor. I am now proud to say that I Range Master the Rifle and M-16 courses and I would not have achieved this status without having attended any of the Instructor Development courses."
-Scott Hoerner, Front Sight Range Master

Mr. Hoerner's increased abilities and skills in gun training came through his trials and learning while becoming an instructor. Imagine then, if the instructors go through so much work to be allowed to train, what the students will be receiving.