NRA Backs Down on Pushing Rifle Training, Not Front Sight

Ask an N.R.A. spokesperson about rifle training, and you'll probably be spoon-fed a prepared answer having something to do with rifle training should only be received by hunters, and only by those who are getting that training to become better hunters. If you ask them about handgun training or shotgun training, or even rifle training for something apart from hunting, you'll get a very cold response, something along the lines of 'hunting is what must be defended and protected, Americans should be allowed firearms for hunting purposes, that is all the N.R.A. supports'. This is, of course, a cowardly approach to a very important subject: firearms rights and gun training. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute takes an opinion quite contrary to the N.R.A.'s.

The founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, feels that the reasoning for firearms training goes far beyond recreational hunters in America. He feels that gun training and firearms rights must be respected for all Americans for all reasons. With crime statistics on the rise, violent crime statistics on the huge rise and gun laws going into effect left, right and center, Dr. Piazza is getting more and more adamant about his viewpoint of gun training. In Dr. Piazza's opinion, anyone with firearms training will be safe if their life is ever put at risk by a firearm-toting criminal. He also feels that if all Americans received such training, violent crime statistics would plummet (for what criminal would attack someone who they suspected of having firearms training?).

Dr. Piazza is also quick to point out that truly the only reason Americans are allowed firearms is the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. The amendment clearly states that the right for citizens to bear arms must not be infringed so that citizens may form a militia if the Union is ever in danger. This wording not only puts the right for gun training (all gun training, even rifle training), but the expectation and the responsibility. So feels Dr. Piazza, and so feel a surprisingly increasing number of American citizens.