Firearms Training is Self Defense Training

In America, it's pretty easy to get your hands on self defense training. Unarmed self defense training is as easy to access as walking to your local tae kwan do studio, of which there are plenty throughout all of America, sprouting up especially recently in small towns left and right. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, America's largest gun training school is a strong supporter of self defense training, even at the unarmed level. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight lives and operates Front Sight with a philosophy of "Sense of Duty" and "Exchange in Abundance". As such, he realizes that self defense training is the most important training any American could get, even if it's not at Front Sight, though he does encourage anyone interested to get theirs from Front Sight.

Front Sight obviously delivers firearms training, but the important aspect is that gun training is self defense training. Dr. Piazza's inspiration for getting firearms training for all Americans stems from his knowledge and understanding that in order for someone to stay safe in the face of firearms, firearms training is needed. He knows that staying safe is truly America's number one concern, so armed self defense training should be valued equally, if not more, with unarmed self defense training.

His argument is a simple one. If a person wants to defend himself against punches, kicks and fists, he gets self defense training. If a person wants to defend himself against wounds, shots, bullets, pistols and shotguns, he gets armed self defense training. Getting handgun training will enable a person to understand a pistol works and how they can be expected to operate given certain conditions. Dr. Piazza wants America to stay safe, and as such wants all of America to receive handgun training at Front Sight.