"Shotgun Training Needs to Be Way of Life"
Says Shooting School

Who gets shotgun training? Cops, say most of America. Definitely SWAT should - the common acronym stands for Special Weapons And Tactics - and shotguns and shotgun training should definitely fall under what they need to perform their duty. Military personnel, especially those involved in urban duty and front-line combat should obviously receive shotgun training, enabling them to stay safe and complete their objectives quickly. But Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, America's largest firearms training school, has an addition to the list that the average American would make of those who should receive shotgun training: the average American.

The founder and director of Front Sight is a former chiropractor from California, Dr. Ignatius Piazza. Front Sight started as merely an idea of Dr. Piazza's and has, in the few short years that it has been around become the shooting school known by anyone connected with the firearms training industry. While still young, Front Sight delivers gun training to more students annually than all other shooting schools in America combined. Quite an impressive statistic for any company of any industry, and yet Front Sight holds it. So when Front Sight talks about gun training, in this case shotgun training, the world pays attention.

Front Sight is regularly featured in newspapers and magazines from all over the world, and recently by the Las Vegas Review Journal. As of late, Front Sight hasn't been being featured for its superior gun training, as is normal, but instead for its construction plans. Dr. Piazza plans to turn Front Sight into the world's first gun town. Being a Four Weapons Combat Master, the most difficult certification to achieve in the firearms training industry, Dr. Piazza is certainly one to listen to regarding firearms.

And he is of the opinion that if firearms training is to be learned properly, all aspects of it must be learned and understood. That is why Dr. Piazza and Front Sight argue that ever American must receive shotgun training.