Keep Our Children Safe, Demand
Concealed Carry Training For Our Teachers

Imagine a world where all concealed carry training was prohibited. As it is, a fairly small percentage of men and women in America have received concealed carry training and carry a concealed weapon permit (along with a pistol concealed somewhere on their person). But imagine an America without any such people; imagine an America where all law-abiding citizens don't carry firearms on their person. In this fantasy world, are the criminals armed? Because in today's America, gun laws don't stop criminals from having firearms. In an America further restricted by gun laws, we can suspect that criminals would be similarly unrestricted. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute would encourage America to understand this.

The thing about gun laws is this: only law-abiding citizens follow them. Criminals will get their hands on weapons one way or another, even if they're prohibited to anyone and everyone in the private sector. Why, then, do people have such a hard time conceiving that the way to stay safe is to get trained and armed? Concealed carry training is a prerequisite to obtaining a concealed weapon permit, a permit which allows someone to carry a concealed pistol on their person. The training requires and develops responsibility, coherence and skill, something that every citizen could benefit from.

Criminals are fearful to start with, add the uncertainty of whether or not the person they're considering attacking has firearms training and is armed, and you get a criminal who thinks reconsiders attacking. Dr. Ignatius Piazza is the founder and director of Front Sight, America's largest firearms training school. He is of the opinion that every American should receive concealed carry training, enabling them to stay safe despite criminals who may be better armed - but considerably less trained. Teachers, pilots, MTA employees, all could benefit immensely from self defense training in the form of concealed carry training.