Uzis, Pizza, Piazza, Front Sight in a Nutshell

For those who don’t know it already, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the world's first firearms training community. Located near Las Vegas, Nevada, Front Sight promises to be the Pebble Beach of guns, the luxury resort of firearms training. It's a pretty unique idea, to say the least. The founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, is well on his way to securing Front Sight's final goal: a 550-acre resort complete with 20 state-of-the-art shooting ranges where students and residents can shoot 24 hours a day, a five-story tower to learn entry, hallway and room clearing tactics, a 12,000 square foot martial arts gymnasium, for Front Sight's numerous self defense training courses and hundreds of yards of underground training ground, designed for low-light conditions and rescue operation training.

Quite a dream for a former California chiropractor. Dr. Piazza is certain his little mission will work out in the end. As presented in the Las Vegas Review Journal, Front Sight is built on the premise that twenty-four-hour access to all ranges will attract law-abiding citizens from all over America, even the rich and the famous. Says the writer for Las Vegas Review, "Over the long haul, Piazza hopes that Front Sight -- with its proposed palm trees, shopping community and school -- will do more than just train people on how to shoot a gun. Decades from now, he expects that Front Sight will have changed some of the nation's negative views on gun ownership and the Second Amendment by providing gun training to America's policy- and decision-makers."

But don't go thinking that all you as a reader can do is wait expectantly! Contact Front Sight. Dr. Piazza has many programs going on right now, getting teachers concealed carry training, getting pilots handgun training, scholarships to students affected by the Virginia Tech killer. Get in contact with Front Sight and with your local law makers and get them to see the sense of gun training. And while you're at it. Get some Front Sight courses under your belt.