Front Sight Features Superior Handgun Training

Firearms training is an essential aspect of American life, and included in that is handgun training. At such a school as Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, firearms training isn't restricted to only handgun training. Like all professional shooting schools, Front Sight offers handgun training, shotgun training, rifle training, armed and unarmed self defense training and even submachine gun training. Unlike most other shooting schools, however, Front Sight's student return rate is in the high eighties. In fact, Front Sight has so many students return year after year, and so many new students as well, that their annual attendance rate is higher than all other shooting schools in America combined.

But what is it that makes students keep coming back? It's certainly not the location: while Front Sight is easy to get to from Las Vegas, it's still quite a drive, and quite a long way from New York, Florida, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Chicago, some of the places Front Sight gets most of its students from. It's probably not the grounds themselves either. While Front Sight has tons of land, and plenty of room for all its students, it is currently undergoing a huge amount of renovations, so many of the buildings are either in-progress or non-existent. In fact, most training takes place under an enormous tent erected amongst the construction vehicles and half-constructed buildings.

What keeps the students returning to Front Sight is the trainers themselves, the training itself, and the founder and director of Front Sight: Dr. Ignatius Piazza. Dr. Ignatius Piazza is a Four Weapons Combat Master, one of the most difficult certifications to achieve in the gun training industry. He runs Front Sight with the philosophy of 'exchange in abundance' and 'duty to serve'; he hires only professionals, many ex-military or former police officers. Front Sight's gun training is superior to all else in the field, so it's small wonder that it's the biggest.